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Getting Started

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Using Looking at Buildings

Looking at Buildings has a number of tools and features designed to make the website easier and more enjoyable to use.  Please refer to the image on the right and the numbered notes below (you can click the image to enlarge it).

  1. Search: quick access to search the entire website.  Simply enter keyword(s) and click 'Go' or press Enter / Return.
  2. Tools: These icons allow you to customise the page in various ways.  From left to right:
    • Decrease font size
    • Reset font size
    • Increase font size
    • Hi Visiblity version of the page (shows the page in very high contrast)
    • Printer-friendly version of the page (shows a simple view of the page which will look better when printed out)
    • Recommend this page to a friend: allows you to send the URL of the page you are looking at to someone you know
  3. Images: all the images on the site are displayed with descriptive captions.  You can click any image to see a larger sized version.
  4. Glossary Item: Some words are picked out in blue and have an 'A-Z' icon next to them.  These are words which have glossary entries.  Hold your mouse over these words to read the glossary entry, which will appear in a small caption or 'tooltip' without taking you away from the page you're reading.
  5. Have you seen: offers a list of suggested pages similar to the one you're currently looking at
  6. Glossary: all the glossed words on a page are listed at the bottom where you can read them all together.  To view the full glossary, click the arrow to the right of the Glossary heading.
  7. Next / Previous page: once you reach the bottom of the page you will see links to the next and previous pages in the current section at the bottom.  

Finding & Exploring

There are several different ways to explore the material the website or to find something specific.

  • To look for something specific, try the free text search.  The search results are listed in order of their relevance (similar to what you see when you search on Google or other web search tools)
  • To browse through all of the articles on the website, try the A-Z index.  Each page is listed alphabetically here.
  • To see an overview of all the pages within the website and get a sense of the way they are organised, try the Sitemap.