Further Reading

An Online Bibliography of Printed Sources for the History of English Architecture

This bibliography was originally compiled as a check list of works used for the Buildings of England volumes in the Pevsner Architectural Guides series. It is essentially a selective bibliography of non-local secondary sources, with the main emphasis on publications from 1945 onwards. Books and articles from major periodicals are also included but monographs of buildings or local studies are excluded unless they are works of wide significance.

Recent works, including detailed bibliographies which will lead the reader to studies of individual buildings and areas, are indicated at the beginning of each section. We have excluded the prehistoric and Roman periods, general books of international scope with only brief references to English architecture, and works dealing primarily with conservation. Titles are arranged by period and subject matter, with cross references to other relevant sections to avoid undue repetition. The emphasis is on scholarly publications, but some introductory and picture books have been included if they are of special value.

The bibliography is divided into seven sections, each available as an Acrobat file.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it can be freely downloaded from the Adobe website.

Further Reading is compiled and updated by the Pevsner Architectural Guides team. The bibliography will be updated on a regular basis. Please email any suggested amendments or additions to: lab(at)