Pevsner's Architectural glossary is also available as a hardback book and as a reference app available for iPhone and iPad. 

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About the Glossary

Understanding and enjoyment of buildings is often made more complicated and difficult because of the complex vocabulary needed to interpret the language of architecture. The glossary is a searchable database of architectural terms and styles designed to assist understanding both of terms used in the pages of the site and for recognising the individual elements of a building. Many of the terms are supported by drawings (specially commissioned for the Pevsner Architectural Guides) or photographs to explain the term and its place within the composition of a complex structure. As the site expands we hope to add photographs to illustrate each and every term in the glossary.

You may consult the glossary at any time during your visit by moving your mouse pointer over the glossed terms, which are picked out in blue, bold text.

The Glossary also includes definitions for most of the principal styles and phases of British architecture. These terms are also featured on the interactive timeline.

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