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Descriptive of two figures placed front to front. Compare addorsed.
Small stones or rock chippings used in concrete and similar hard-setting materials.
Subsidiary space alongside the body of a building, separated from it by columns, piers or posts. Also (especially Scots) projecting wing of a church, often for special use, e.g. by a guild or by a landed family whose burial place it may contain.
A building from which alms are dispensed to the poor.
A painting or carving above or behind an altar.
Raised platform or pulpit in Early Christian churches.
(lit. walkway): Aisle around the sanctuary of a church.
Angle buttress
A buttress set at 90 degrees at the angle of a building.
Angle roll
Roll moulding in the angle between two planes.
Angle round
(Scots): A rounded bartizan or turret, usually roofless, set at a corner.