Wagon roof
A timber roof with close-set braces of polygonal or curved profile, often ceiled between the timbers; also called a cradle roof.
Wooden lining to interior walls, made up of vertical members (muntins) and horizontals (rails) framing panels; also called panelling.
Longitudinal timber on top of a wall, which receives the ends of the rafters. Compare purlin.
A structural timber set upright in or against a wall.
A rib set against the wall in a rib-vault.
A walk along the wall-head of a castle, protected by a parapet; also called a parapet walk.
Wall arcade
In medieval churches, a blind arcade forming a dado below windows.
(Scots): Straight top of a wall. Wallhead chimney: chimney rising from a wallhead. Wallhead gable: gable rising from a wallhead.
Wall monument
A monument attached to the wall and often standing on the floor. Tablets or wall tablets are smaller, with the inscription as the major element.
Warming room
Room in an abbey or monastery where a fire burned for comfort.