An arched stone roof, sometimes imitated in timber, plaster etc. For the different kinds see barrel vault, fan-vault, groin-vault, rib-vault, sail vault.
Vaulting shaft
Shaft leading up to the spring or springing of a vault.
Venetian window
In classical architecture, a window with an arched central light flanked by two lower straight-headed ones; the motif is also used for other openings. Also called a Serlian window, Serlian motif, Serliana and Palladian window.
A form of rustication, the exaggerated treatment of masonry to give an effect of strength, with a stylized texture like worm-casts.
Refers to buildings using local materials in traditional ways, designed without the intervention of architects. Compare Neo-vernacular.
Oval with pointed ends.
A stair in a circular well with a central supporting newel. Also called a spiral stair or (Scots) turnpike stair.
Originally a Roman country house or farm. The term was revived in England in the 18th century under the influence of Palladio (see Palladian) and used for smaller, compact country houses. In the later 19th century it was debased to describe any suburban house.
Bricks or tiles fired to a darkened glassy surface.
Vitruvian scroll
Classical running ornament of curly waves.