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Canopied structure in a church or chapel to contain the reserved sacrament or a relic. Also an architectural frame for an image or statue.
Table tomb
Memorial slab raised on free-standing legs.
(French): The lower courses of a vault or arch which are laid horizontally.
(Italian, little temple): A small temple-like building, usually round and domed.
Temple front
Brighton, Sussex
The front features of a portico applied to a wall; also called a blind portico.
(Scots): A purpose-built flatted block.
Tenoned purlins
Purlins (horizontal longitudinal timbers in a roof structure) tenoned into either side of the principals. Also called butt purlins.
Pedestal or pilaster tapering downward, usually with the upper part of a human figure growing out of it; sometimes called a terminal figure.
A symbolic figure in the form of a three-cornered knot of interlaced arcs, common in Celtic art. Compare triquetra.
Moulded and fired clay ornament or cladding; when glazed and coloured or left white often called faience.