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A ring around a circular pier or a shaft attached to a pier, typical of the 12th and 13th centuries. Also called an annulet.
Shaped gable
A gable with curved sides.
Female fertility figure, usually with legs apart.
Thin, self-supporting roofing membrane of timber or concrete.
(Scots): A trench or open drain; a street gutter.
Thin pieces of wood like overlapping tiles, used externally.
Shouldered arch
An arch with arcs in each corner and a flat centre or lintel.
Shouldered architrave
The moulded frame of a door or window with horizontal and vertical projections at the top angles.
Temporary framing of timber or metal used for casting concrete; also called formwork.
Side purlins
Pairs of longitudinal timbers placed some way up the slope of the roof, which carry common rafters.