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(Scots): Boards laid on the rafters to support the roof covering.
Sash window
A window with a glazed section or section that opens by sliding in grooves.
Saucer dome
An internal dome of flattened profile.
Transitional Romanesque style combining Anglo-Saxon and Norman features, current c. 1060-1100.
Polished composition covering giving the effect of (usually coloured) marble, used especially on columns from the mid-18th to early 19th century.
Scale-and-platt stair
(Scots; lit. stair and landing): with parallel flights rising alternately in opposite directions, without an open well.
Scalloped capital
A form of block capital in which the convex lower faces are carved with broad flutings or half-cones.
Extra thickness of the lower part of a wall, e.g. to carry a floor.
Artificial cutting away of the ground to form a steep slope.
In a timber roof, paired braces crossing diagonally between pairs of rafters or principals.