Scissor truss
A roof truss framed at the bottom by crossed intersecting beams like open scissors.
A hollow classical moulding, especially on a column base.
Scottish or Scotch Baronial
A Victorian style based on the fortified and semi-fortified Scottish houses of the 16th and 17th centuries. The distinguishing features are vertical rather than horizontal proportions, small windows, steep roofs, small turrets or tourelles, and a sparing use of Renaissance ornament.
In a medieval church, usually set at the entry to the chancel. A parclose screen separates a chapel from the rest of the church. A rood screen was placed below a representation of the Crucifixion (called a rood).
Screens passage
In an older house or college, a screened-off entrance passage between great hall and service rooms.
(Scots): To cut and mark timber against an irregular stone or plaster surface.
(Scots): A reveal, i.e. the plane of a jamb between the wall and the frame of a door or window.
Two-dimensional representation of a building, moulding etc., revealed by cutting across it.
Sedilia (singular: sedile)
Seats for the priests (usually three) in the wall on the south side of the chancel of a church or chapel.
Segmental pediment
A pediment with a segmental (part-circular) top.