Radburn system
Vehicle and pedestrian segregation in residential developments, based on that used at Radburn, New Jersey, USA, by Wright and Stein, 1928-30.
Radiating chapels
Chapels projecting radially from an ambulatory or apse, usually at the east end of a large church.
Inclined lateral timbers supporting the roof covering. Common rafters: regularly spaced uniform rafters placed along the length of a roof or between principals; also called coupled rafters. Principal rafters: rafters which also act as principals, i.e. the paired inclined lateral timbers of a truss.
Groove cut in masonry, especially to receive the edge of a roof-covering.
Ragged (in heraldry). Also applied to funerary sculpture, e.g. cross raguly: with a notched outline.
A horizontal member in panelling or in a timber-framed wall. See also edge rail, plate rail (railways).
A container at the top of a downpipe, usually of lead, into which rainwater runs from the gutters.
Raised and fielded
Of panelling, with the central area of the panel (field) raised up. Also used for stonework treated with sunk or raised panels.
Sloped or pitched.
Defensive outer wall of stone or earth. Rampart walk: path along the inner face.