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Blickling Park, Norfolk
Monumental building or chamber usually intended for the burial of members of one family.
The use of large stones, singly or together.
Megalithic tomb
Massive stone-built Neolithic burial chamber covered by an earth or stone mound.
(Scots): Market. The mercat cross, which is topped more often by a heraldic or other finial rather than a cross, was the focus of market activity and local ceremonial.
The solid uprights of a battlement.
The spaces between the triglyphs in a Doric frieze, often ornamented with sculpture.
Low storey between two higher ones.
Middle cruck
A type of timber construction in which the upper supports or blades rise from halfway up the walls to a tie-beam or collar-beam, rather than continuing up to the apex.
Mild steel
The stronger modern equivalent of wrought iron.
Kitchen, Notting Hill
by John Pawson
A term adopted from painting and sculpture for a tendency within Modernist architecture from the 1980s onwards towards simple forms and volumes, typified by the all-white interior.