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In Orthodox churches, the screen that divides off the sanctuary, usually decorated with sacred images (icons).
Imperial stair
A stair rising in one flight and returning at right angles in two.
Horizontal moulding at the springing of an arch.
Impost block
On a column, a block between abacus and capital.
In antis
Of classical columns, set between pilasters or square columns of equal height, often within a portico.
Shape chiselled out of a stone to receive a monumental brass.
Industrialized building
System of manufactured units assembled on site. Also called system building.
In timber-framed construction, the non-structural material that fills the compartments, e.g. wattle and daub, lath and plaster, brickwork (known as nogging), etc.
(lit. fire-corner): Recess for a hearth with provision for seating.
(Scots): The reveal of a door or window opening where the stone is at right-angles to the wall.