Peaked external wall at the end of a double-pitch roof. Types include: Dutch gable, with curved sides crowned by a pediment (also called a Flemish gable); kneelered gable, with sides rising from projecting stones (kneelers); pedimental gable, with classical mouldings along the top; shaped gable, with curved sides; tumbled gable, with courses or brick or stonework laid at right-angles to the slope. Also (Scots) a whole end wall, of whatever shape.
A small gable.
Classical ribbed ornament like inverted fluting that flows into a lobed edge.
Chapel or vestibule usually at the west end of a church and enclosing the main entrances.
A long room or passage; an upper storey above the aisles of a church, looking through arches to the nave; a balcony or mezzanine overlooking the main interior space of a building; or an external walkway.
Small stones set in a mortar course.
Gambrel roof
A hipped roof which turns to a gablet at the ridge.
A medieval privy; usually built into the thickness of an external wall.
Projecting water spout often carved into human or animal shape.
Gauged brickwork
Soft brick sawn roughly, then rubbed to a precise (gauged) surface. Mostly used for door or window openings. Also called rubbed brickwork.