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A narrow flat band running down a medieval shaft or along a roll moulding. It separates larger curved mouldings in classical cornices, fluting or bases.
Topmost ornamental feature, e.g. above a spire, gable or cupola.
The latest phase of French Gothic architecture, with flowing tracery.
Flared header
A brick laid with its short end exposed and burnt to a darker shade, usually producing a patterned effect.
Flash lock
(canals): Removable weir or similar device through which boats pass on a flush of water. Superseded by the pound lock.
(Scots): Divided into apartments.
(French, lit. arrow): Slender spire on the ridge of a roof. Also called a spirelet.
Flemish bond
West Walton, Norfolk.
Brickwork with alternating headers (short ends) and stretchers (long sides) showing.
Flemish gable
A gable with curved sides crowned by a pediment (also called a Dutch gable).
Medieval carved flower or leaf ornament, often rectilinear.