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English altar
The medieval type of altar with taller framed hangings on three sides, as revived in the late 19th century.
English bond
West Walton, Norfolk.
Brickwork with alternate courses of headers (short ends) and stretchers (long sides) exposed.
English garden wall bond
West Walton, Norfolk.
Brickwork with one course of headers (short ends) for every three or more courses of stretchers (long sides).
The carved decoration of certain classical mouldings.
In classical architecture, collective name for the three horizontal members (architrave, frieze and cornice) carried by a wall.
Very slight convex deviation from a straight line, used to prevent an optical illusion of concavity.
Mezzanine floor subdividing what is structurally a single storey, e.g. a vault.
Inscription on a tomb or monument.
Shield for a coat of arms or other heraldic display.
In classical architecture, a large semicircular or polygonal recess; also called an apse.