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Any face of a building or side of a room. In a drawing, the same or any part of it, represented in two dimensions.
Used to describe a compound feature, e.g. an entablature, with some elements omitted or combined.
The English architecture of the later 16th century, marked by a decorative use of Renaissance ornament and a preference for symmetrical fa
With battlements.
Splayed opening in a wall or battlement.
Encaustic tiles
Earthenware tiles fired with a pattern and glaze.
En d
(French; lit. in error): Stone laid against the bed.
Rooms in a formal series, usually with all the doorways on axis.
Engaged column
St George's Hall, Liverpool
One that partly merges into a wall or pier. Also called an attached column.
Engineering bricks
Dense bricks, originally used mostly for railway viaducts, etc.