Bag-rubbed pointing
Pointing (exposed mortar jointing) that is flush at the edges and gently recessed in the middle.
An enclosure defended by a ditch and palisade, usually as part of a motte-and-bailey castle.
Balance beam
(Canals): Beam projecting horizontally for opening and closing lock gates.
A small balcony or window-guard attached to an individual window.
Free-standing canopy, originally fabric, over an altar. Compare ciborium.
Globular flower of three petals enclosing a ball. Typical of the years c. 1300-30, during the Decorated phase of English medieval architecture.
Baluster, balustrade
Pillar or pedestal of bellied form. Balusters: vertical supports of this or any other form, for a handrail or coping, the whole being called a balustrade. Blind balustrade: the same applied to the wall surface. A splat baluster is flat and has shaped sides.
Banded rustication
Rustication (the exaggerated treatment of masonry to give an effect of strength), with only the horizontal joints emphasized.
Division of a church designed to house the font; also a separate building for the same purpose.
Outwork defending the entrance to a castle.