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The Early Houses

Sheffield, Flower Estate, Class B Houses

In 1903-4, 41 houses were built to the designs of Percy Houfton on WINCOBANK AVENUE and HEATHER ROAD. There were two types: Classes A and B. Class A is a double fronted design. That means it has a room on each side of its front door. It also had an upstairs bathroom and an inside toilet. Class B houses were smaller, single-fronted and could be built as terraces. They also had a bathroom and toilet but a scullery behind the living room.

Sheffield, Flower Estate, Heather Avenue

These houses were too expensive to rent for most workingmen. A new competition was held and H. L. Paterson won it. 20 houses were built in HEATHER ROAD in 1906. They were cheaper and have a narrower front. These homes had a smaller living room and no bathroom.