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Sheffield, Ranmoor Park Road, West Lea

Webster designed many houses in Ranmoor during the busiest phase of its development in the 1870s. These included substantial houses such as West Lea (1870) and Ranfall (1871) in Ranmoor Park Road, both still conservatively classicalGlossary Term. He also designed cheaper, speculative housing at Ranmoor Terrace, Fulwood Road (1876). Two contrasting examples of his skill in handling differing scale and style are the ItalianateGlossary Term Lodge (1874) on Ranmoor Road and his extensions to 17th century Totley Hall.



A term used for the architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome, revived at the Renaissance and subsequently imitated around the Western world. It uses a range of conventional forms, the roots of which are the orders, or types of column each with its fixed proportions and ornaments (especially Doric, Ionic and Corinthian). Classical buildings tend also to be symmetrical, both externally and on plan. Classical architecture in England began c. 1530 with applied ornamental motifs, followed within a few decades by fully-fledged new buildings.


A style of classical secular architecture at its peak in the early to mid-19th century, derived from the palaces of Renaissance Italy, but often varied by asymmetrical elements.