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Industrial Buildings

The indispensable studies for INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES are R. S. Fitzgerald, Liverpool Road Station Manchester: an Historical and Architectural Survey, 1980, and M. Williams with D. A. Farnie, The Cotton Mills of Greater Manchester, 1992. The Chorlton-on-Medlock mills are the subject of an article by S. Clark in Industrial Archaeology Review, No. 2 1978. Industrial Archaeology Review, No. 2 1988 and Industrial Archaeology Review, No.1 1993 were devoted to textile mills including Manchester examples. Suggested reading also appears in Cast IronGlossary Term Technology topic box p... There are numerous publications on CANALS of which C. Hadfield and G. Biddle, The Canals of North West England, two Vols, 1970 and H. Malet, Bridgewater: The Canal Duke, 1736-1803, 1977, are good introductions. There is a large body of work on the Ship Canal including D. Owen The Manchester Ship Canal, 1982 and P. M. Hodson, ed., The Manchester Ship Canal a guide to historical sources, 1985.