General Books

GENERAL BOOKS on Manchester architecture include C. H. Reilly's short but informative Some Manchester Streets and their Buildings, 1924 and Cecil Stewart's The Stones of Manchester, 1956. His The Architecture of Manchester: an Index to the Principal Buildings and their Architects 1800-1900 was published in 1956 and remains the only published index of this type. Short guides to the central area include P. Atkins, Guide Across Manchester, revised edition 1987, and E. Canniffe and Tom Jefferies, Manchester Architecture Guide, 1998. Recent books have tended to concentrate on architecture of the past few decades. D. Hands & S. Parker Manchester A Guide to Recent Architecture, 2000, is a short guide to architecture and interior design since the late 1980s, and J. Parkinson-BaileyGlossary Term, ed., Sites of the City: Essays on Recent Buildings by their Architects, 1996 includes more extended descriptions of selected buildings of a similar period. Manchester, an Architectural History, 2000, by the same author, gives emphasis to post-warGlossary Term architecture, especially that since 1970. D. Sharp, Manchester 1969 is especially useful for buildings of the 1960s, for which one of the best sources is the journal Architecture North West, which was published between 1963 and 1970.



An enclosure defended by a ditch and palisade, usually as part of a motte-and-bailey castle.


Upright support in a structure.