No. 1 Victoria Street

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Liverpool, Victoria St., No. 1

This ItalianateGlossary Term block, with splendid chimney stacks, dates from 1881 and was built as offices above a restaurant for the wealthy Liverpool brewer Andrew Barclay Walker. It was designed by Cornelius Sherlock, who worked for the same client on a number of other commissions, most notably the Walker Art GalleryGlossary Term, in William Brown Street, paid for by Walker and opened in 1877.



A long room or passage; an upper storey above the aisles of a church, looking through arches to the nave; a balcony or mezzanine overlooking the main interior space of a building; or an external walkway.


A style of classical secular architecture at its peak in the early to mid-19th century, derived from the palaces of Renaissance Italy, but often varied by asymmetrical elements.