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Leeds, Eastgate, Terminal Blocks

EASTGATE was the new road created as part of the scheme but Blomfield designed no buildings for it. Nothing was built until after the Second World War, except at the far end where there are two big identical blocks on both sides. Local architects, Kirk & Tomlinson built the one on the north side for the KINGSTON UNITY FRIENDLY SOCIETY in 1930. The other block was built later and contained a pub, THE YORKSHIRE HUSSAR.

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Leeds, Headrow, Petrol Station

The last part of the scheme designed by Blomfield is perhaps the most fun. It stands in the middle of a traffic island and was built as a PETROL STATION in 1932. It is a hexagon shape and has a tent-like copper roof and torch finialGlossary Term. Today it is a reminder of the days when the car was a more decorative feature of the city. It has been given a new role as the centrepiece of a fountain by John Thorp, the Civic Architect, and has a statue commemorating the Leeds airman Arthur Aaron,V.C. by Graham Ibbeson, 2001.



Topmost ornamental feature, e.g. above a spire, gable or cupola.