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St Peter's

Bristol, St Peter's

ST PETER'S, Castle Park. Blitzed ruin.

  • Opening: interiors not open.
  • Access: exteriors fully paved and level.
  • Map

St Peter's, like St. Mary-le-Port, is probably of Saxon foundation. It sat just W of the castle walls, and S of a Saxon sunken way running W to St Mary le Port. By the 19th century this area was the heart of Bristol's old shopping centre; it was heavily bombed in 1940. Castle Park was laid out from the 1970s around St. Peter's, which is now a memorial to Bristol's civilian war dead. The Pennant stone walls are particularly varied in colour.

Unbuttressed north-west tower with two-lightGlossary Term Perp windows in the upper stages; at its baseGlossary Term, possibly 11th century stonework around the west door. Generous Perp naveGlossary Term and south aisleGlossary Term both c.1400. Slender north naveGlossary Term arcadeGlossary Term with slender Perp piers of quatrefoilGlossary Term plan. South aisleGlossary Term with five-lightGlossary Term Perp windows between narrow buttresses. Narrow north aisleGlossary Term on NormanGlossary Term plan, with a large bullseye windowGlossary Term, probably 17th century. East window blockedGlossary Term at some point for a reredosGlossary Term. Tower and north naveGlossary Term arcadeGlossary Term consolidated with concreteGlossary Term 1975.