Borough Buildings

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Birmingham, John Bright Street, Borough Buildings

In 1909-10 Marcus O.Type designed a very different building immediately across John Bright Street from Rosbery Buildings; the massive but genteel Neo-GeorgianGlossary Term block of Borough Buildings, a very early example of this style for a commercial building in the city. The ground floor, currently vacant, was occupied from the start by Heath’s Garage. They were agents for Darracq and for Clement-Talbot. The firm remained there as George Heath Motors until the 1970s and, now in Deritend, are still agents for Peugeot, the successors to Talbot.



The architecture of the British Isles in the reigns of George I, II, III and IV, i.e. 1714-1830, in which the classical style and classical proportions became the norm for both major and minor buildings.