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Birmingham, Armour Road, BSA Factory

Lanchester and Rudge were relatively small manufacturers, and their war production was small compared to the major firms in the trade. The huge New Building at the B.S.A. factory in Armoury Road, Small Heath, built in 1914-6 and designed by the Trussed ConcreteGlossary Term Steel Co. Ltd., was a notable early example of a reinforcedGlossary Term concreteGlossary Term frame. It was demolished in the 1970s, but the similar 1915-6 Trussed ConcreteGlossary Term Steel extension to their older factory on the opposite side of the road survives. In a very Birmingham way, it looks almost derelict, but is used by an Asian-run firm who repair taxis.



Composition of cement (calcined lime and clay), aggregate (small stones and rock chippings), sand and water. It can be poured into formwork or shuttering (temporary framing of timber or metal) on site (in-situ concrete) or pre-cast as components before construction. Reinforced: incorporating steel rods to take the tensile force. Pre-stressed: with tensioned steel rods. Finishes include the impression of boards left by formwork (board-marked or shuttered), and texturing with steel brushes (brushed or bush-hammered), picks or hammers (pick-hammered or hammer-dressed).


Of concrete: incorporating steel rods to take the tensile force.