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Search Tips


Combined Searches:
Although it is possible to search all buildings in the whole of England and/or Greater London, speed and functionality of searching is best assisted by using more than one field to ensure your search is as refined and precise as possible. Large imprecise searches will be slow.

Single field searches:
Name field: always use in order of surname, forename (where known, either in full or initial only). In some instances using surname only may produce works for more than one architect.
Address field: When searching always use the following abbreviations to ensure efficient results:
Ave = Avenue
Dr = Drive
Gdn(s) = Garden(s)
Pl = Place
Sq = Square
Street = St
Road = Rd
If searching for a building by number always use a three figure number e.g. 007, 077, 777 etc.
Results: please note that blank fields in the database are marked N/A
Please let us know of any problems using the Index at: lab@yaleup.co.uk

About the Index

The database is derived from A Compendium of Pevsner's Buildings of England, first published in 1995 and since updated by Michael Good. Users should note that 'England' is derived from the most recent editions of all the English volumes, 'Greater London' is derived from London vols. 1-4. Although entries are included for the City of Westminster these derive from the 1974 edition. Revision is in progress for that volume and also for East London. Therefore entries for those boroughs (Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, and Havering) are not included in the index. Scotland, Wales or Ireland are also excluded at present.