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arcadeGlossary Term [1].

round-archedGlossary Term [2] roofs, expressed as big glazed openings in the thick walls of brick. The clock tower marks the central dividing wall between the roofs. The structure is not purely utilitarian - the proportions are carefully calculated, and the whole is recognizably in the ItalianateGlossary Term [3] style then in favour - but it shares the simplified lines of viaducts and other functional railway structures of the period.

The laminated timber which Cubitt used for the roof arches at King's Cross has since been replaced by wrought ironGlossary Term [4].

pavilionGlossary Term [5] roofs and artificial stone decoration.

lightGlossary Term [6] down to the concourse, which in stations of this period tend to be more spacious than those built in the railways' infancy. The example shown is the North Eastern Railway station at Tynemouth, Northumberland, a through station built in 1882.

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