Low wall between the choir and nave of a church.
Serlian window
In classical architecture, a window with an arched central light flanked by two lower straight-headed ones; the motif is also used for other openings. Also called a Serlian motif, Serliana, Palladian window and Venetian window.
Session house
(Scots): A room or separate building for meetings of the elders who form a kirk session, or a shelter by the entrance to a church or churchyard for an elder collecting for poor relief; built at the expense of a kirk session. A sessions house is an English term for a court house.
Set-back buttress
A buttress placed slightly back from the angle of a building.
Inclined, projecting surface to keep water away from the wall below. Also called weathering.
Squared stones, usually of granite, used for paving or flooring.
A six-lobed opening.
Sexpartite rib-vault
A rib-vault, usually set over paired bays, with an extra pair of ribs springing from between the bays.
(Italian): Decoration scratched, often in plaster, to reveal a pattern in another colour beneath.
Vertical member of round or polygonal section, including the main part of a classical column, and by extension also of a pilaster.