Raised and enclosed platform for the preaching of sermons. Three-decker: with reading desk below and clerk’s desk below that. Two-decker: as above, minus the clerks’ desk.
Stone screen in a major church dividing choir from nave.
(lit. cushioned): Of a frieze: of bold convex profile.
A dark limestone from Purbeck in Dorset, which can be polished; used especially in the first two centuries of English Gothic architecture.
Horizontal longitudinal timber in a roof structure. Collar purlin or crown plate: central timber which carries collar-beams and is supported by crown-posts. Side purlins: pairs of timbers placed some way up the slope of the roof, which carry common rafters. Butt purlins or tenoned purlins are tenoned into either side of the principals. Through purlins pass through or past the principal; they include clasped purlins, which rest on queenposts or are carried in the angle between principals and collar, and trenched purlins which are trenched into the backs of principals.
Putlog holes
Holes in a wall to receive putlogs, the horizontal timbers which support scaffolding boards; sometimes not filled after construction is complete. Also called putholes or putlock holes.
Putto (plural: putti)
Small naked boy.