Parabolic arch
An arch shaped like a chain suspended from two level points, but inverted.
Wall for protection at any sudden drop, e.g. on a bridge, or at the wall-head of a castle where it protects the parapet walk or wall-walk. Also used to conceal a roof.
Parchemin panel
With a vertical central rib or moulding branching in ogee curves to meet the four corners of the panel. Sometimes used with linenfold panelling.
Parclose screen
A screen separating a chapel from the rest of the church.
(lit. plastering): Exterior plaster decoration, either moulded in relief or incised.
In an abbey or monastery, a room for talking to visitors in; in a medieval house, the semi-private living room below the solar or upper chamber.
Level space in a garden laid out with low, formal beds of plants.
Passing braces
Long straight braces in a timber roof, passing across other members of the truss.
Patent glazing
Large-paned glazing with minimal framing, developed in the 20th century.
(lit. plate): Round or oval classical ornament in shallow relief.