(of church seating): Arranged in confronted rows facing north and south, rather than towards the altar; so called after the chapels of the older university colleges.
Collegiate church
A church endowed for the support of a college of priests.
Range of columns supporting an entablature, without arches. Compare arcade.
A small column or shaft, usually medieval.
Colossal order
No. 14 Abbey Yard
In classical architecture, an order whose height is that of two or more storeys of the building to which it is applied. Also called a giant order.
Shelved, niched structure to house multiple burials.
An upright structural member, especially in the classical styles, of round section and with a shaft, a capital, and usually a base.
Columna rostrata
(Latin): Column decorated with carved prows of ships to celebrate a naval victory.
Column figure
Carved figure attached to a medieval column or shaft, usually flanking a doorway. Compare trumeau figure.
Commissioners’ church
An Anglican church built with public money by the Church Building Commissioners, in the period 1818-56.