Closed truss
Of a roof: with the spaces between the timbers filled, to form an internal partition or partitions.
A brick cut to complete a bond.
Close studding
Of a timber-framed wall: with closely set studs or vertical timbers of equal size.
Cluster block
Multi-storey flats with the individual flats arranged around a service core.
Coade stone
Ceramic artificial stone made 1769-c. 1840 in Lambeth, South London by Eleanor Coade (d. 1821) and her associates.
Walling material of clay mixed with straw. Also called pis
Arrangement of sunken panels (coffers), square or polygonal, decorating a ceiling, vault or arch.
A decorative course of bricks laid diagonally.
Collar or collar-beam
Horizontal transverse roof-timber connecting a pair of rafters or cruck blades, set between the apex and the wall-plate.
Collar purlin
Central roof-timber which carries collar-beams and is supported by crown-posts. Also called a crown-plate.