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Sheffield, Snaithing Lane, Tainby

Hale built Tainby in 1909 for himself. The photograph shows the garden front soon after construction. Like many of the substantial villas built on the west side of Sheffield, it has its principal façade facing south west away from the road. Although Hale was not really a house architect (his only known houses were for family members), Tainby suggests that he could produce refined work rather in the manner of his Yorkshire contemporary Walter Brierley. He took elements of the vernacularGlossary Term style such as the coped gables and combined them with careful detailing of the doorways and windows to lift the house above other superficially similar houses being put up in the elegant suburb of Ranmoor at the time. Nearby, in Snaithing Park Road, he built the deceptively simple Rydal in 1921 for his daughter on her marriage.


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