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collegiateGlossary Term [1] church (now the Cathedral) and little pockets of late 18th century buildings amongst the 19th century warehouses and 20th century offices.

Manchester, Princess Street

Beyond the centre Ancoats, on the north-east side, was the world's first industrial suburb, and still retains some of Manchester's famous cotton mills. Cheetham and Strangeways, to the north, was the centre of the city's 19th century Jewish community, and the area to the south-east in Chorlton-on-Medlock is largely the province of the academic quarter. Canals and railways dominate the landscape to the south-west in Castlefield, today a tourist attraction, but once the hub of the industrial transport network. To the south is the residential suburb of Hulme, rebuilt in the mid 20th century, now the site of some of the most innovative new housing schemes in the city.

The pages in this sectionGlossary Term [2] provide a short introduction to the history and architecture of central Manchester and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Other subjects in Buildings in Focus include a tour of the city's banks; a selection of buildings of interest and a short study of buildings erected to alleviate the conditions of the poor in Ancoats. We hope you will use the information provided to explore the city on-line or in person.

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