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ArchaeologicalGlossary Term [1] History of Greater Manchester, Vol. 3: RomanGlossary Term [2] Manchester: A Frontier Settlement, 1987 and M. Morris The ArchaeologicalGlossary Term [3] History of Greater Manchester, Vol. 1: Medieval Manchester, 1983. C. F. Carter ed., Manchester and its Region, 1962, is especially useful for MEDIEVAL AND EARLY MODERN Manchester; see also T. S. Willan, ElizabethanGlossary Term [4] Manchester, 1980. The C17 and C18 remains a neglected subject. A. P. Wadsworth & J. de Lacy Mann The Cotton Trade and Industrial Lancashire 1600-1780, 1931 and J. Walton 'Proto-Industrialisation and the first industrial revolution: the case of Lancashire' in P. Hudson, ed., Regions and Industries: A Perspective on the Industrial Revolution in Britain, 1989 provide background to economy and industry, while the sectionGlossary Term [5] on Manchester in C. W. Chalklin, Provincial Towns of GeorgianGlossary Term [6] England, 1974 is a useful exposition of late C18 development of the town. W. H. Chaloner, 'Manchester in the Latter Half of the Eighteenth Century' in The Bulletin of the John Rylands Library Vol. 42 1959-60 provides an introduction to the town on the cusp of the Industrial Revolution.

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