Homes for Change

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Manchester, Homes for Change, Chichester Road, Hulme,

Hulme was the 'the largest redevelopment area of Manchester'in 1969. Nikolaus Pevsner described how 'whole blocks lie waste, streets are blockedGlossary Term and new streets are made.' Since then a complete housing estate has come and gone. Completed in 1971, demolition began in 1991. Demolition began in 1991. All the 1970s deck-access housing went but some nine- and thirteen-storey towers survive amongst the new housing.

In the wake of such spectacular failure the pressure to create successful social housing was intense so resident's were asked what sort of homes they wanted. There is a mixture of privately owned and rented accommodation in terraces, semi-detached houses and small blocks of flats. They range in style from pastiche through quirky to frankly modern. The showpiece of the new housing and the most striking individual element is HOMES FOR CHANGE, Chichester Road. By Mills Beaumont Leavey Channon, 1999-2000.


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