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Jerome and Carlisle Buildings

closeGlossary Term [1] by in Manchester Street, and it supplied some of the ironwork used in these and other neighbouring buildings. The facing materials are Red Ruabon brick (from North Wales) with red Runcorn stone dressingsGlossary Term [2] (from Cheshire), a very popular combination in late 19th-century Liverpool. The style is GothicGlossary Term [3], and along with the neighbouring Abbey and CrownGlossary Term [4] Buildings they make up a decorative and varied block. By contrast, the rear elevations of all four buildings are virtually identical with each other, and are of the warehouse type with loading bays. Multi-purpose commercial buildings - in this case combining showrooms, offices and storage space - were common in Liverpool at this date, and would be let out to a number of different tenants.

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