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, printed from the Looking at Buildings website on Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Building Materials

basementGlossary Term [1] plinthGlossary Term [2] of the warehouse had vermiculated rusticationGlossary Term [3] which has weathered to a softly dimpled texture. Another characteristic of Pennant stone is its sedimentary layering, seen in the panels between the windows of the S side. They have a quality like rippling water.

rock-facedGlossary Term [4] blocks in grey-green, interspersed with plum and orange Pennant. From a distance this appears a soft brown grey, but closeGlossary Term [5] up the variation prevents the high walls from appearing oppressive. The dressingsGlossary Term [6] around the windows and atticGlossary Term [7] corniceGlossary Term [8] are of a cream limestone (probably Bath Stone), giving contrast and definition. Pope's handling of his materials is confident and subtle.

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