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St Peter's

Map [1]

St Peter's, like St. Mary-le-Port, is probably of Saxon foundation. It sat just W of the castle walls, and S of a Saxon sunken way running W to St Mary le Port. By the 19th century this area was the heart of Bristol's old shopping centre; it was heavily bombed in 1940. Castle Park was laid out from the 1970s around St. Peter's, which is now a memorial to Bristol's civilian war dead. The Pennant stone walls are particularly varied in colour.

Unbuttressed north-west tower with two-lightGlossary Term [2] Perp windows in the upper stages; at its baseGlossary Term [3], possibly 11th century stonework around the west door. Generous Perp naveGlossary Term [4] and south aisleGlossary Term [5] both c.1400. Slender north naveGlossary Term [6] arcadeGlossary Term [7] with slender Perp piers of quatrefoilGlossary Term [8] plan. South aisleGlossary Term [9] with five-lightGlossary Term [10] Perp windows between narrow buttresses. Narrow north aisleGlossary Term [11] on NormanGlossary Term [12] plan, with a large bullseye windowGlossary Term [13], probably 17th century. East window blockedGlossary Term [14] at some point for a reredosGlossary Term [15]. Tower and north naveGlossary Term [16] arcadeGlossary Term [17] consolidated with concreteGlossary Term [18] 1975.

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